The Essence of Natural Rock
Redi-Rock retaining walls stand alone among retaining wall systems. Not only do our retaining walls solidly and uncompromisingly resist ground pressure, they look handsome while doing it. Choose your block face and colour and put "the essence of natural rock" to work for you. Learn more about the advantages of Redi-Rock retaining wall systems, manufactured in southern Ontario by Lahman Precast Concrete.
From parking lot retaining walls to highway applications, engineered block systems provide the rock-solid stability and long-term strength that heavy use requires. Time and again, Redi-Rock installations warrant the trust contractors and engineers place in them.
Redi-Rock blocks offer home owners simple, effective retaining wall solutions for driveways, lawn terraces and decorative landscaping.
Shoreline Protection
Accent your waterfront property while protecting shorelines and creekbanks from erosion.
Steps and Landscaping
Redi-Rock offers step products for landscaping steps or even entry steps. Additionally, planter and garden units are available for use as wall elements or for independent, creative use in decorative landscaping.
Unrivaled Strength
Massive Precast blocks resist tremendous earth pressure. With almost 6 square feet of face per block and up to 1,144KG in weight, Redi-Rock blocks hold their own. In fact, most walls require no geo-grid reinforcements for up to 4 metres in height. Individual units are cast with durable concrete to withstand extreme climate freeze / thaw conditions.
"The Essence of Natural Rock" Beauty
The natural limestone appearance of Redi-Rock precast blocks fits into any landscape. Redi-Rock can even be coloured your custom colour to ensure it best compliments your landscape and matches the indigenous rocks already on your site.
Design Flexibility
Standard precast blocks offer remarkable adaptability to your unique needs and applications. units are available with tapered sides, allowing you to build convex, concave or even circle walls, and corner blocks allow finished 90 degree corners or step-downs.
Easy Installation
Redi-Rock installations require little manual labour, and can easily be installed with cost-effective machine power. The inter-locking keyway knob and groove system allows for rapid installation, and the strength and weight of the blocks eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming geo-grids in most applications
Redi-Rock Professional Engineering Assistance
is available to assist you in retaining wall planning and design.
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